Criminal Lawyers: Duties Their Clients Expect Them to Perform

Being in a courtroom for an alleged crime can be a terrifying experience especially for those who have never been in court for trial. The anxiety that the crime victims develop once they see the jury triggers confusion and this may cause them to give unreliable and risky information unwillingly. For this reason, it’s always important to hire competent criminal lawyers Brisbane has to offer who are used to legal procedures and court proceedings. However, you need to know some of the duties these lawyers perform before you hire them. Such duties include:

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Privileged communications

Criminal defense lawyers know that all their communications with their client need privacy or privilege. With assured privacy or privilege, a client can safely disclose anything to their lawyer without expecting reprisals. However, there are exceptions depending on the nature of the case and other legal aspects. It is important to know that privilege may not apply if the client takes advantage of their lawyer’s advice to commit a crime. According to most criminal lawyers Brisbane has to offer, the client-lawyer communications won’t maintain their privileged status once the client dies.

Zealous representation

It is good to embrace the fact the success of most criminal cases depends on how the lawyer prepares a viable defense. This means the lawyer must be ready to defend their client with much zeal. Any lawyer who looks forward to a viable defense will review police reports, interview witnesses, research case precedents and case statutes, review subpoena documents and gather reliable facts. The reason most criminal lawyers in Brisbane examine witnesses before trial is to come up with compelling arguments for juries.

Court honesty

All lawyers are officers of the court and they owe the juries a duty of candor. The judges don’t expect any criminal lawyer to make untruthful representations. The lawyer should be honest when communicating with the court and they should not support or show favoritism to any client who commits perjury. For this reason, it is good for the clients to first find out from friends and relatives about the honesty status of the Brisbane criminal lawyers they choose. A client’s case could get more complicated once the judge discovers the lawyers representing them are being dishonest with their representations.

Conflict of interests

When a defense lawyer is representing a client in court, they should avoid conflicts of interests. For instance, if several accountants or doctors are accused of certain criminal frauds, their lawyers should not shift the blame to the other clients to save their client. Actually, it’s unlawful for a lawyer to implicate one client to get a positive outcome for the other. If the criminal lawyers Brisbane has to offer come across their former clients in a new case, they should not allow the former clients to bring conflicts in the new case.

Although the main aim of hiring a competent criminal lawyer is to find a favorable outcome for your case, it may get more complicated if you don’t choose the right lawyer. Any lawyer you come across needs to understand all the legal ethics and abide by them. If a lawyer is not aware of any of the four duties discussed above, you should hire another one. However, you would not experience an unethical issue in a case if you commit yourself to find best criminal lawyers in Brisbane. See more at

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